Cooking School 2019

Join us, be inspired, learn to blend ingredients, cook some wonderful food, enjoy the dishes and be part of a fun cooking experience!

Chef Amorelle Dempster and dietitian Nicole Barber will take you step by step through a range of cooking classes that will inspire you.

2019 Schedule

  • Four + One – Mar 16, Apr 6, May 18, Jun 25, Jul 9, Aug 25, Aug 28 (read more)
  • My Sri Lankan Heritage – Jun 23, Jul 21, Sep 22 (read more)
  • Vietnamese Cuisine – Aug 25 (sold out),  13 Oct (read more)
  • Pastry for Home Cooks – Oct 19 (read more)

Four + One

You’ll never think vegetables are dull again!

All the skills and techniques to transform 4 seasonal vegetables plus one delicious chicken dish. Then add a few herb, grains, pulses, seeds, nuts, spices and aromatics. Follow this with a quick dessert to complete the suite of recipes.

Autumn and winter classes 2019
Saturdays – March 16, April 6, May 18, June 8, July 6, August 3,
Tuesdays – June 25, July 9 (5.30pm to 8.00pm)
Sundays – August 25 (2.00pm to 5.00pm)
Cost $85 includes instruction, recipes, plenty to taste during the class, and some to take home to share with the family.

My Sri Lankan Heritage

Authentic curries from a traditional Sri Lankan kitchen!

Blend, grind and create the spice blends that will bring the flavours of my Sri Lankan heritage to your table. Traditional recipes from my family using seasonal vegetables, meats, herbs and spices to each dish on the menu. Menu will include 3 vegetable dishes, 1 beef dish, condiments and a dessert.

3 classes in 2019
Sundays – June 23, July 21, Sept 22 (10am-2pm)
Cost $95 includes, Recipes and a long slow meal.  Guests can join the group for lunch only from 1pm for a cost of 45pp.

Vietnamese Cuisine

Fresh, aromatic herbs from the garden to the plate!

Join local market gardener and Earth Markets producer Felicia Nguyen to discover the range of Vietnamese fresh herbs and vegetables to cook dishes that are fresh tasting, healthy and delicious. Learn to make spring roll, fresh salads.

1 class only in 2019
Sunday – August 25 (10am-2pm) (sold out), 13 October (10am-2pm)
Cost $95 includes, Recipes and a long slow meal. Guests can join the group for lunch only from 1pm for a cost of $45pp

Pastry for Home Cooks

The versatility of pastry will amaze you!

Learn to cover, wrap and encase ingredients using versatile savoury and sweet pastry.

1 class only in 2019
Saturday October 19 (2pm – 5pm)
Cost $85 includes instruction, recipes and upto 5 items to consume at class or take away.