Take Home Meals

Just heat, serve and enjoy!

When you buy take-home dishes from Nourish Cooking you are buying food that is cooked with the freshest local and seasonal ingredients. This means it is brimming with nutrition.  Our dishes our not just about convenience, they are about quality food that tastes fantastic, has great fragrance and is full of flavour.  They have everything your body needs to nourish and replenish!

Our take-home menu has staples as well as seasonal menu changes with ingredients that come from our farmers and local producers.  To our range of take-home dishes we add pulses, lentils, beans, grains, vegetables, fresh herbs and aromatic spices.

Available all year round, our frozen take-home dishes mean you will always come home to an easy, tasty and nutritious dish. We recommend that you serve these dishes with a diverse range of vegetables and salads and add other food groups to make each dish a complete meal.

Servings for two

Curries  (500g)

Cardamom chicken curry: succulent chicken thigh fillets, mildly spiced, mixed with toasted almond, yoghurt and lime.
Serving suggestions: Serve with turmeric rice and side salad toasted sunflower and pepitas.

Spicy vegetarian curry: lentil, chickpea, pumpkin and tomato curry in a sauce full of flavour and goodness.
Serve with roti paratha and yoghurt and mint side dish.

Massaman (beef) curry: a classic Thai beef curry with spices, and fragrant kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass and ginger.
Serving suggestions: serve with jasmine rice and an Asian slaw made with red cabbage, wombok, bean sprouts and crushed peanuts.

Hearty Braised Dishes (500g)

Osso Bucco: a classic dish slow cooked with puy lentils, tomato and red wine with a preserved lemon gremolata.
Serving suggestions: Serve with buttered linguini, tossed in parsley with a side salad.

Creamy chicken, mushroom, white bean and cauliflower puree.
Preparation – place the mix in a pie dish, covering with pastry and bake until pastry is cooked and the contents are warmed through (use a family pie dish or individual ramekins).
Serving suggestions: Serve with pasta tossed with chopped rocket or mizuna.


Rice is an excellent accompaniament to our curries and many of our braised dishes. For this reason we have rice available as an extra all year round. The rice is pre-cooked. Just heat in the microwave and serve. Please ask when ordering or at pick up.


Delivery is available to local areas. See delivery details. Conditions apply.